Ancient volcanic mountains and mysterious crater lakes


Mt. Rungwe

One of the highest and oldest mountains of Tanzania, Mount Rungwe (2,960m) can be climbed on full day or a two day hike. The climb takes you through tropical forest, upland scrub and rock terrain.

You might see the recently discovered Highland Mangabey monkey on your way up, among other monkeys. Camp on the slopes of the mountain and go down again the next day. If you are not too tired from climbing, the village of Ilolo welcomes you to visit their traditional healer.

Village:   Ilolo
Distance from Tukuyu: 18 km / 30 minutes by car.
Development fee for materials for water pump in the village.

Full Day tour                TSH 18,000
8 to 10 hours hiking.

Overnight tour             TSH 20,000
2 days: hike, camping and pass in the avocado farm.


Ngozi Crater Lake

Ngozi is another million year old volcano. Climb to the top through dense bamboo forest and tropical vegetation. When you reach the rim you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the crater lake, lying 200 metres below. Your guide will be able to tell you several mysterious legends about the lake.

Village: Mbeye 1
Distance from Tukuyu: 34 km / 30 minutes by car.                   
Development fee for village toilets.

Half day tour     TSH 13,500
4 to 5 hours; Climbing and descending Ngozi Crater. 



Colonial history and day to day farmers' lives


Kyejo Mountain

Kyejo Mountain is one of the main mountains of Rungwe area. Hike up this 2,152m high active volcano along the lava pathways. From the slopes of Kyejo mountain you have great views on the surrounding tea growing villages.

Half day tour               TSH 13,500
4 to 5 hours: Hike up the mountain and tour of a shamba.    

Village: Lusanje

Distance from Tukuyu: 26 km / 50 minutes up to 1 ½  hours drive.

Development fee for payment of nursery school teacher.



Lake Masoko

This beautiful crater lake is the perfect place to swim, picnic or even camp. It is especially known for its history. The Germans dumped coins and other items in the lake when they were being chased by the British forces during the first world war.  Find out more about Rungwe’s past during a nice walk around the lake.

Village: Lwifwa
Distance from Tukuyu: 19 km / 40 to 50 minutes drive by car

Development fee for furniture for the village office.

Half day tour               TSH 13,500
4 to 5 hours: hiking around the lake, swimming, relaxing.

Full day tour      TSH 18,000
7 to 8 hours: hiking around the lake, swimming, relaxing and a visit to the hot springs.

Overnight camping trip TSH 20,000
Full day tour to lake Masoko and hot springs, camping near lake Masoko.




Waterfalls, natural bridges and green valleys



Drive or bicycle through a typical Rungwe landscape, with views of the highlands, banana plantations and tea fields, to the village of Isuba.

From here you start on a hike in to the valley, to the hanging bridges. After that you will first pass through the authentic village of Isuba with traditional houses and a traditional bar, before your reach the breath taking waterfalls.

Half day tour:               TSH 13,500
4 ½ to 5 ½ hours:   Hike, village visit, and visit to the falls.
Full day biking trip:    TSH 18,000 including bike rent
8 hours: Biking, hiking, village visit, and visit to the falls.

Village: Isuba
Distance from Tukuyu: 18 km / 40 to 50 minutes by car; 2 hrs by bike.
Development fee for village water project.

The Bridge of God.

The Bridge of God is a huge, millions of years old rock that forms a natural bridge over Kiwira river. This ‘bridge’ is only one of the attractions here. Just a few kilometers up the valley is the ‘cooking pot’, and the Marasusa waterfalls.

A completely different kind of attraction, is the famous traditional healer that you can visit in the village of Lugombo, your starting point for this beautiful hike.

Half day tour               TSH 13,500
4 to 5 hours: Visit to traditional healer and hike to Daraja la Mungu.
Full day hiking trip     TSH 18,000* including bike rent
8 hours: Visit to traditional healer, hike to Daraja la Mungu, Cooking pot and Marasusa falls.

Village:  Lugombo
Distance from Tukuyu: 14 km / 25 minutes by car.
Development fee for support of the orphans in the village.

* since this is a round trip it is not possible to go by own transport. You can either arrange private transport or go by public transport, including a short bicycle ride.
Take your passport since you have to pass government terrain.



Done with the tea tours? Let's hit Matema beach on Lake Nyasa / Lake Malawi...



Rungwe is known for its high quality tea. The rolling hills of this lush area are covered with the green tea bushes. The farmers of the Rungwe Smallholder Tea Growers Association (RSTGA) are inviting you to come and have a look on their shamba.

Your guide, a tea farmer, will tell you anything there is to know about tea.
He or she will also show you around on the expansive Rungwe Tea Estate with its beautiful views.  

On your way to the tea estate you pass small villages and schools and you will have the chance to get a view of every day life in Rungwe.
If you have booked in advance, you can finish the Tea Tour with a tour of the tea factory. Here you can see how the tea leaves are being processed to packed tea. You might even be able to do some tea tasting!

Village:  Syukula
Distance from Tukuyu:  11 km / 15 minutes
Development fee for teacher and materials for the village nursery school.

Half day tour         TSH 12,00
Half day tour including factory visit   TSH 13,500

Matema Beach

Tired of all the hiking? Relax at the shores of Tanzania's third largest lake at Matema beach in the neighbouring Kyela district. From the wide, sandy beach of Matema you have a spectacular view on lake Nyasa and the Livingstone Mountains. Swim, snorkel, canoe, or visit the weekly pottery market in Matema town. We can arrange transport and accommodation in Matema. 


Don’t have your own transport? Hamna shida, we can arrange it for you.
Some of the tours can be reached by public transport (Ngozi, Bridge of God), for others you will need a taxi or a four wheel drive, depending on the road conditions. Kaporogwe Falls and Bridge of God can also be reached by bike.
The prices for transport depend on the destination and the duration of your tour. Call, email or visit us for more information.


The spot behind the Kaporogwe Falls, a collection centre in the middle of a tea estate and the rim of Ngozi Crater Lake make beautiful picnic spots. So order a packed lunch and enjoy!
When you do a tea tour you can order a traditional cooked lunch, prepared by the tea farmers.

Packed lunch TSH 3,000
Cooked lunch TSH 5,500
Excluding water







The Tea Tours


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