Rungwe Smallholders Tea Growers Association (RSTGA) organized into nine Sub-schemes and each Sub-Scheme composed of 10 Villages and above.  We have 118 villages, which are growing tea.  The Chairman of each Sub-Scheme automatically becomes the member of the RSTGA Board.  Sub-Schemes are constituted as follows: -

  1. Mwakaleli
  2. Masebe
  3. Nditu Suma
  4. Segera
  5. Rungwe
  6. Lupata/Itete
  7. Manow Lwangwa
  8. Kapugi
  9. Institutions i.e. Missions and Schools.
    Each Sub-Scheme is headed by the Chairman who is also assisted by the Secretary.

    At the grass root there is the village Tea Committee that is headed by the Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and five Committee members.

    The main activities are:

    • - To ensure that the orders for agricultural inputs are placed and distributed to the Farmers in time.
    • - To keep records of the green leaf plucked and sold.
    • - To keep records of outstanding inputs loans by farmers and to follow up on payments
    • - To keep records of any other loans outstanding to the farmers
    • - Ensure that members in their respective areas attend to their farms.

    At the district level, the RSTGA Board heads the organization. The same is composed of the nine members of the Sub-Schemes. These members choose a Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary and Vice General Secretary who form the Secretariat of the Board. The Secretariat manages the RSTGA staff and day-to-day affairs. The staff of the RSTGA consists of the accounting team (Sr. Accountant and Jr. Accountant), two secretaries and a driver.


    - Accordingly, to the constitution of the RSTGA, an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the end of each year. The AGM supervises the RSTGA Board and is the highest body of the Association.
    - Each Village sends two delegates who are normally chosen at the village level.  Leaders at every level of the RSTGA are chosen democratically every five years.  The last elections were held from February up to March 2003.








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